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There are many computer programs to manage your family trees. Some are free of charge, but then mostly limited in use; you will have to download them or use a website from a genealogical society.  You have also programs which are charging money; they have a lot of functions allowing you to find unpublished material with extension to your DNA; they may cost you some hundreds of dollars

To make things easier we selected for you in alphabetic order 5 programs widely usable in Windows and Mac:

A very interesting website to view is
Their “Consolidated Jewish Surname Index” is a gateway of information about 700,000 different surnames.  It allows you to compare different existing spellings even for the same family names.  You have to take into consideration that names and patronyms often vary in spelling depending of the country and of the time of name acceptation by the authorities.   

If this concerns you, Yad Vashem, along with its partners, has collected and recorded the names and biographical info of over 4.7 million victims of the systematic anti-Jewish persecutions carried out during the Holocaust which you can search by clicking on the link:

The database of the Righteous Among the Nations created by Yad Vashem honors, for Belgium, the 1294 Righteous, women and men of our country who, despite the danger incurred, opened their doors and their hearts to protect a human being while he was chased for the simple fact of having another religion. The base can be searched according to the name and first name of the rescuer or the fugitive, according to the name of the place and also according to the profession of the Righteous:

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